Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire

jeudi 24 novembre 2011 par programmation

Comment des jeunes venus d’une favela brésilienne ont eu l’opportunité de parler de leur vie quotidienne au sein d’un spectacle mêlant théatre, danse, chant et poésie burlesque...

A l’occasion du passage à l’Espace Paul Jargot du spectacle Magie Noire, nous avons rencontré Laurent Poncelet, metteur en scène, fondateur de la Cie Ophélia Théâtre et directeur du FITA (Festival International de Théâtre Action). 

Le spectacle Magie Noire a été écrit à partir des personnalités de jeunes issus de la favela de Recife au Brésil et de leur vie quotidienne au sein de la favela. Laurent Poncelet a rencontré ces jeunes dans le cadre de leur travail avec O Grupo Peno Chao (Organisation Les Pieds sur Terre), ONG qui propose des ateliers danse, théâtre et improvisation pour sortir de l’engrenage de la violence et du trafic. 

Lors de rencontres organisées par le PROJO (espace jeune de Crolles) avec de jeunes isérois baignant dans la culture hip-hop, les jeunes brésiliens ont partagé l’étendue de leurs savoirs-faire : capoeira, chant, musique, danse hip-hop et rap...

Magie Noire


  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    13 août 2016, par ra33vv3bxx2z

    Chen Dao obviously high, "how do you know my size."
    Chu Yunfei smiled, quite right in dangerous parts of the vacant gestures down, "90D, my eyes can not be wrong."
    Qiao Muchen endure for a whole class, the lungs of air has been compressed to such an extent had burst, high obviously just out, immediately rushed to the Chu Yunfei a press to the table, "in the end you want to do !"
    Qiaomu Chen Chu Yunfei will be a push, and he was wandering around, get rid of suppression methods are at least ten thousand kinds, Qiao Muchen although it has also experienced and capable and battle-but where are the actual combat Chu Yunfei than what it was pushed to the edge.
    Chu Yunfei "You sick, or how, banquet etiquette also learn, and teachers get along too well, do you crazy ?"
    Qiaomu Chen glared at him, "You mean it ! You absolutely intentional !"
    Chu Yunfei waved, "none of your business ?"
    Qiaomu Chen Chu Yunfei rushing once again press down, this time directly on the ground, "Off what I do ? You say shut me something !"
    Chu Yunfei tilted his head to face on the carpet, "God knows."
    Qiao Muchen angry to start playing, but they could not do it to herself to jump again from him, "I - I am your brother !"
    Chu Yunfei stand up from the carpet, "I know, you are my brother. Well, the next section is calligraphy class, and you did not empty the delay, I go first."
    Qiaomu Chen watched him, and know my heart is not sour because he is my brother, it may in the end is how, perhaps he is not sure, and perhaps also determined afraid to admit that Chu Yunfei will pull back to recover the past, the Chu Yunfei true fire, "you fucking stop ?"
    Qiaomu Chen glared at him, "I do not care how you think ! Anyway, tomorrow’s party, you must not go !"
    Chu Yunfei shook his head, "none of your business ? I’m going to go, your uncle I have no control !"
    Qiao Muchen but this really made a ruthless, "Yunfei, I warn you ! If you dare, I will not open the banquet !"
    Chu Yunfei laugh, "You think I like you, scared big !"
    Qiao Muchen tightly bit his lip, but it is not a word to say. His nature with autumn Yu Chen paranoia, and even some elm, but it is not turning back.
    Where Chu Yunfei temper was bullied, "I warn you ! Even if you are to put fire, and obviously I have to dance in the ruins !"
    Chu Yunfei obviously better not to raise, a raise obviously Qiaomu Chen directly lit, slumped stunned a full three seconds, even Chu Yunfei were shocked him, but all of a sudden is a blow whirl in the face Chu Yunfei " not allowed to go ! and others are not allowed to go ! "
    Chu Yunfei this life except in the autumn Yu Chen that basically it has not suffered losses, not to mention the circle comes unconsciously, it will be Qiao Muchen immediately to the ground, completely street children tussle way Qiaomu Chen suffered a few immediately aimed at an empty stand up when two people twisted together, Qiao Muchen not press punching routine, as long as the Chu Yunfei exposed places are not immune, "I said you must not go ! do not understand it ?"
    Chu Yunfei is quite fighting experience, it does not answer, look at that Qiao Muchen shouting, fist hit the go, directly under the body mentioned Qiaomu Chen started to play, Qiao Muchen vapid by pain, teeth directly propped up, with incredible body angle back a belief, then that is the last kick, I did not expect Qiaomu Chen Chu Yunfei body actually so soft, but has Qiaomu Chen Chu Yunfei carry her up, probably just had a fight a few sober, directly to the wall by Chu Yunfei on "Yunfei, I hit you I was wrong. but you must not go !"
    Chu Yunfei an elbow cross over, "Who is not necessarily who hit it ?"
    Now two people is indeed a posture fight, one by one and are rhythmic, as if the symposium, so can genuinely fight, Chu Yunfei flew down under the wind, only to turn around the table, or leap or jump , just jump, kick the legs Qiaomu Chen is naturally not as a cinematic direct kick broken leg, but because the strength is very clever, immediately turned over the table, Chu Yunfei quickly sprint, further along the foot hook down stool, study, while not small, what is far worse than Yanwu field, and two people chase chase Duo Duo, and finally became Chu Yunfei run around the bookshelves, the real fight of Qiao Muchen like a panther, a pull a posture also ruthless than Ehupushi, Chu Yunfei overwhelmed, he again grabbed. Can be traced back for so long, is really no effort, just breathing on one side, Qiaomu Chen said a lot of times, is that a few words, and he is embarrassed to speak. Chu Yunfei simply let go, "I’m tired.

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    13 août 2016, par ra33vv3bxx2z

    "Do not make fun of them but the police have guns !" And so many people, not a gun you beat it ...... Zhang Cheng Fu Fei, but did not say it was sensible to split someone’s desk.

    The man looked up at him and finally taking the time to cast a mind to hand over his mouth small world to go back, and turned toward a road that go in the direction.

    "Hey, where are you going ?"


    "You do not want to throw me this zombie ?"


    "Hey !"

    The man paused for a lower pace, and went straight opening :. "You can go back."

    "Themselves ......" That is to say, these little zombie himself thrown in here ?

    Zhang Cheng looked down at the still-drawing blah crying children, some thing called conscience quietly unearthed, the child does not seem to be entirely conscious that he is a zombie, in the middle of the night threw him in here, it is estimated that scared a.

    Besides, if found by other people, I do not know what this child will meet thing.

    "You can not no matter ah ! Where do you live ? To take him back to it ......"


    "Hey, did you hear ah, police arrested you or I, ah !"


    This threat seems really no effect, that person is still unhurried walk, just behind the man he did not like.

    "That, I lie to you ...... If my dad knew I got buried inside the tomb also knocked over certainly can not forgive me, I will not alarm, you help out !"


    "I really can not take him back, my dad is our museum here, I want to bring back a zombie he certainly sent dissected, as long as you do not take care of his seven ...... five days or five days on the line ! Eleven finished I’ll take him, okay ? "

    The man finally stopped, this actually also turned to face him : " ? Your dad doing at the museum."

    "Ah ? Museum, curator, how it ?" Zhang Cheng by his sudden change was a bit confused about the whole situation.

    "Tomb of the things to be sent to the museum, right ?" That humanity.

    Zhang Cheng nodded : "I think so."

    "Five days can you take me in time." The man said rudely, seemed assured that he would agree.

    Zhang Cheng seen by his scalp tingling : "Go Where to go ??"

    "......" The man continued to look at him, her eyes somewhat unpredictable.

    "You’re not going to the museum to steal something ? I take you in is a crime !" Zhang Cheng righteous rhetoric refused.

    "I just go look at the situation."

    "But ......"

    Zhang Cheng would like to argue that people have started turning to continue walking as if there is no desire to negotiate.

    "Hey, you do not go ah !" Zhang Cheng took a small world in the past stopped him, "I promise you enough ?"

    The man heard stopped, Zhang Cheng bite the bullet and said : "Well said, just go take a look, you can not steal ......"


    "If you do not mind, I can take care of him every day in the past ......"


    "That ...... I can not go back with you to wash bath, a home that does not seem a good explanation ......" the toss, Zhang Cheng dirty clothes have been horrendous, with the zombies that have a fight and the sleeves do not know where to hang a big hole.

    Just came out has been more than eleven, the family did not know about his disappearance, now almost bright day, and if it is morning exercise father saw him putting on airs, will certainly be questioned for a long time.

    The man did not answer continue to walk, so very bluntly Zhang Cheng led zombies chasing the past.

    "Uncle Daddy to go with a small world it ?" Obedient zombies follow them come so far, and finally to choke back tears.

    Zhang Cheng looked down at him, forehead shed a cold sweat : "This ......" how he wants to answer ? His dad passed away early to say do not know how many years ? Against a child so small, how could such a thing can it !

    "Your father is dead !" The man next to apparently no such tangled, quickly answer.

    I really do not know the answer has been so slow speed is go where.

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    13 août 2016, par u6t5zk89fuw


     See Jiangning did not respond, I’m slightly a silence, before gently sighed, stood up : "Today is not the week to put me, my mother let me take some food to him, you did not expect this ... ... "

     "I will go back."

     Forest, slight figure disappeared in the doorway, Jiangning this hold down the chest.

     Painful feeling.

     Waves, the body’s blood vessels are like a spasm.

     That it is not looking for Zhou Fang Lin slightly to confront their own but because of a guilty conscience, take the initiative to confess.

     Really guilty conscience ah, people did not call thieves, they themselves are the first nervously and beware of all.

     He only suspected he was Duanmu rather, not to the relationship between the suspect and Lin Bao Ding differentiable.

     So I know that I’m registered micro pseudonym when we come to look at their own eyes with the kind of shock.

     The kind of people guilty and sad looking and deeply hurt myself.

     Sit on the couch for a long time, this courage, got up and went to the bedroom, pushed open the door.

     Zhou Fang saw standing at the window, lit a cigarette.

     Suddenly remembered many years ago, my mother was like standing at the window smoking, leaving himself a lonely back.

     A smoke ring in the air rise, spread, enveloped in the surrounding - fog, his shadow became so unreal.

     It seemed to have nothing to lose in general.

     "When did you start smoking ......"

     Try to put on a dull voice, but could not conceal his tail shaking.

     "It’s five years, every time I think of you."

     Zhou Fang is very calm, faint answer.

     Jiangning tightened fingers, "I ......"

     I do ? What to say ?

     I should not lie to you, so that you should not drill manufacturing trap - or, I love you ? I regret ?

     When the damage is done, and what to say to make up ?

     In your heart, Duanmu rather an image that is not already completely destroyed, even with Jiangning together.

     No longer as simple as that year, but "crafty" in Jiangning, is not let you down ?

     "Although I know that is useless, but still say ...... I’m sorry."

     Pull the trunk, slowly back out.

     Night years ago, he has also been out of the door, when the colder winter than it is now, a man drags herself suitcase walking in the cold streets, dim lighting along the way - this life an unforgettable memory .

     Now you want to relive it ?

     Causal loop.

     Early in the year, I should have known he was the most hated deception, in his own time playing deep respect to remember this lesson.

     But because too want to be close to his account, he used a variety of trap again - the results caught himself.

     Footsteps retreated to the door, was about to shut the door, academics he suddenly said :. "We temporarily separated for some time, calm down."

     Jiangning breathing a stifled, his mind blank for a moment.

     Breaking up mean ? He said the euphemism, but the idea is clear.

     Sure enough, he was really disgusted deceived it.

     Some helpless smile, end, or gently nodded his head.

     "it is good."

     Going to say to take care of yourself, I bought the whole dish collated on the fridge, remember to eat on time, do not always cook instant noodles -

     He forced down eventually.

     Close the door.

     Who care most, most wanted feelings, suddenly lost, or, finally lost.

     Some sad took the box to go out, the most difficult time, turned out to be the verge of tears - only smile.

     He looked at life with a vacation house, closing time, some dismay.

     Lying on the couch watching helplessly watch their call did not dare call a small dog, gently walked over, touched its head, "I go again ......"

     Needless to say goodbye, perhaps later, there is no chance to come again.

     To go out when it was late, the phone suddenly rang.

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    13 août 2016, par u6t5zk89fuw

     Sometimes love it so strange, maybe look on the other side you little good sufficient.

     The second reality, Chengdu

     Bickering fat man squeezed in the middle of the crowd, I was desperate to curse the damn Dragon consoles.

     The sun is large, although the morning, but the sun on the ground covered with hot people, who also do not understand the reality of Chengdu is a rainy and foggy city. The game has over the past several months, not to mention heavy rain, fog and even extraordinary.

     Today is the first to report the name of the day military circles. Although enrollment duration game time for a week, but each has the intention to strive for hegemony in the world, to show self players are afraid to miss the opportunity to sign up. After all, who knows this too humane official game if too many people saw the sign to define the number of people it ? At least now it seems there is a tendency of this development.

     Look, how much the city of Chengdu, then the number of players. Whether Tianfu Square, or extend out from the square every street, people can stand where people are standing. Some reported the name of the people can not get out, do not go outside of the crowded, so the roof around the square and even players who became head master who line the best check out the location of the road. For a time the soldiers shouted, players shouting, screaming and occasionally also accompanied by lightning subsequent punishment of women to play down the whole Tianfu Square is very confusing and spectacular. Child and look at the situation before the game started to buy a helmet when some one like this, and more confusion. Past domineering officers and men of this situation was totally ineffective.

     But it is clear the game inside the lords no official Dragon senior humane, that one hundred registration officials, although eating a very late lunch, while still mad players registered with the registration data. Although they have been diligent enough, but the number of applicants with respect to the outside of the crowded, this is clearly just a drop in the bucket, also outside Liu Chen has been looking forward to a few people like to buy a helmet will open a new registration set point, but not as people would like day.

     "Mom yo, dead heat, when Chengdu also so hot ...... Damn yo, too many people. How can sell a helmet when so many people wow ...... Damn yo, Dragon host garbage, so many Chinese city, Why only in the provincial capital of each province registration ... mom yo ...... "fat distractedly chatter. Heard around that do not know and do not know a few people who are monstrous anger. The weather already hot, and everyone from the entry point in the distant future, but why this damn guy also act recklessly chatter.

     "Fuck you cried enough ? Enough to fucking shut up I did not find enough to go home to your mother." Appears next to a buddy thirties really can not stand, could not resist curse out. In fact, that man can barely Yeah, reality just let the boss scolded Gouxue head, came home to find his wife and other people fooling around, I did not expect to play a game not liking Baoge Ming, there is a half-dead guy chatter.

     "You kind of say that again !" Fat man wanted to stand being depressed, really did not expect someone to hit up the gun, do not seize the opportunity too sorry for him. He immediately wiping the sweat : "Fuck you, kind of say it again."

     " ! You speak of civilization point" Liu Chen stood beside the fat, cold look at the hot sweat the man said : "Well, talk or do whatever point of civilization." But he is very angry, can not play a solid friend wife, friend that was mom but can not play.

     " ? Children, I am scared not to make big dragon five, I said, say it again, you put me how" dragon five and wiping the sweat, turned to the crowd just over Liu Chen said : "The children here, I the woman had more than the game you played, you do not think only of your people, we have no one. to succeed right, but the chaos can not succeed where ...... "

     Many people like Luanchui, dragon five obviously even his wife Dujiangyan uncontrollable affair his wife being still here fanfare, saying the woman has played more games than the others played. (Some authors only one who knows, hey)

     "Do what Luanche topic." Fat man originally wanted to just forget it, after all, more-less attitude. And now the important thing for a military report on the name, the newspaper did not name the former did not want to not be assured unless things. That know each other, pointing to the nose called Liu Chen came to help come up. It can also withstand the curse, curse their parents that does not work, call friends to come cheer that is absolutely not acceptable. After all, at home by their parents, go out to rely on friends.

     "You draw a road : the public, or compounding ?" Fat facing Dragon five sneer, his right hand slightly touched his sword : Brother, you drink a few days strange blood, human blood also help but miss it.

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    13 août 2016, par u6t5zk89fuw

    "You did not see, I do not give it to him I’m sorry his family ancestors !" Class-North Datong chasing for so long, this is the first time he played for the kill, this kid is estimated to be screwed, but come.

    Lin Rui stand in front of the class Datong, whispers in his ear attached to what class Datong muscles of his face twitched, I’m staring at the Core Research for ages : ’ ? What do you mean "
    "This would mean," Lin Rui tone is very pale, looked back-North, "to such people, it is interesting to kill him ?"
    Datong class no longer speak, just stood there looking at the lying in the snow-North.
    Xu north face buried in snow almost frozen layer of ice out of the shell, only to hear class Datong sneer loudly : "let him go also into, but have left a point to read like, I forgot to save. "

    North Xu heard that, it is estimated that she has to eat a big hardship.
    Datong class do not know how to toss himself considered the idea to leave ...... he is still buried his face in the snow, looking up at their own bad sin, it is better to pretend not to know, is dead or alive anyway, is a bite of something.
    Datong by class bad taste, chances classes will be branded with words what words on their ass.
    North Xu thought of this a bit boring, if it is branded on the ass word no problem, if he whim, branded in the face, that no class Datong kill him he will directly head to grab Seoul ......

    No other mind-North turn out what they were, he felt something was thrown at his side, listening to the news, this thing is not light, then the class Datong grabbed his right hand, press in on that thing .
    It is a block of iron, cold.

    "Do not you think that since so long, I told you while playing hide and seek the easy life while still quite moist ?" Class Datong crouched beside him, pressing his hand, "I heard you live and what is right a must, do not you touch does not come up with something ? "
    North Xu heard that, my heart like a freeze on like severe pain, he regarded the class Datong understand what to do, he subconsciously pumped pumping hands, class Datong quickly stood up, one foot in his on the wrist, he directed at the men raised his chin : "according to Laozi."
    Gundam was hit in the face of both black coat and hurried forward, he wore a look of blood, according to a shoulder-North, a his hand tightly pressed on the iron.

    Ban Xu Datong in north fingers touched, Xu North’s hand is very beautiful, he always felt he was the most attractive body-North removal goes Diao bar jack face, it is this pair of slender and powerful hands.
    But for really getting mad-North him, he categorically will not destroy such a beautiful hand.
    But ...... class Datong straightened up, looked at his feet, and sometimes destroy the good things but also pieces of exciting things.
    In particular, this demand and not the.

    Datong ban lifted leg, severely smashed down.
    Large iron heel boots package quasi quasi stepped on the back of the hand-North.
    "You say ! I ! How ! Willing !" Class stamp Datong teeth kicked a voice call, each foot are fully used.
    North Xu looked pale at first hand, and then oozing blood-red patches, classes Datong think the body pores are open, dripping.

    In the first class Datong foot going down, Xu body of the North because of this sudden burst of pain and suddenly pumping a bit, the pressure on him two of his black coat firmly fixed in the snow ......
    All power-North are in this moment been hollowed out, he was not even breathing somewhat strenuous, consciousness somewhat vague, but surprisingly no pain fainted, his mind clear exception even counting the numbers.
    A total of five under.
    Zacheng the dumplings. he thinks.

    Ban Datong contentedly with people drove away.
    not dead. North Xu heart sigh of relief before he began to trance.
    He determined under a long time before struggling glanced up his right hand.
    Bloody red when that group into the eye, he finally got his wish to faint.

    Shen Lin Rui scratch silver line way toxic.
    Shen way to find just ran not far, but he never stopped until hear the other side of the movement, and he only coyotes fling into the snow, kneeling down.
    Throughout the escape process coyotes are struggling like mad, can hear the voice of the North Xu, Xu could feel the danger facing north, Shen way it had just dropped to it I turned back ready to run.

    "Stay where you are !" Shen way though very dizzy head, but the action is still fast, pinched wolf’s neck to press it to the ground, "Now the past is to die, you did not eat enough bitterness What I’m Wise !

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    13 août 2016, par ra33vv3bxx2z

    Thistle saw pray when prayer was sitting on the throne, he quietly looked askew in front of a huge mirror floor, there is clearly something attracted him.

    "Good afternoon," he said Thistle went up.

    Chi turned to look, smiled and looked at the thistle, gentle, said :. "Good afternoon, thistle"

    They had never before this case happened, but now frequent, let Thistle have some loss. Along the way he and pray between, according to the general relations, there is so little ...... disharmony. Of course, there are few dark elves get along with good friends or relatives, so the dark elves are aggressive, even on the scene is not very harmonious effort will be to maintain, and this spirit is not the same.
    Of course, love will happen in this race on, such as thistle like Fu Liya, pray like Fine. But the dark camp race, they are usually accustomed to playing against the other half to death, and then towed back to their own territory. This is usually expressed their strong love of a method is the most direct and simple way.

    Thistle staring pray, pray originally body exudes a strong dark atmosphere, or else he would not be so young to be on the dark elf leader, although part of the reason is because they are in the dark elves first family. Dark wizard has been a deep sense of family race.
    But now, the kind of disturbing dark atmosphere is very light very light, pale thistle is not careful to distinguish it, I can not feel it.

    He jumped a ridiculous idea, we do not pray for that half-elf, decided to defect to the light camp go ? Of course, in fact, of course, it will not be this way.

    Because the real darkness can hide from everything.

    Pray that no longer would hate to see their boy frowned nor childish to take someone else that outlet dark wizard tyrant.

    He is undergoing change, is changing the tablets. The change is the result : he will become part of God’s darkness, the dark wizard called pray disappear at the foot of the god of darkness, and disappear at the foot of the god of darkness that scarred bones in and become part of them.

    Pray temper became moderate, not violent, he is no longer quick to kill, no longer brutal destruction of palaces, his fair skin more rosy, not like before, with the dark wizard peculiar morbid pale, his short red hair slowly grew up, with the same bright color of blood, as if it is nourishing nutrients this piece of black forest. He no longer take up arms like a warrior, he’s just lazy and even sitting on the throne, watching every move throughout the battlefield. He became more majestic than ever before, with red eyes more charming, as if even human breath can also be easily plunder. His mouth often tilt - regardless of victory or failure, he is like a puppeteer, in the darkness behind the silent army control, but they are all a piece in his hand.
    He seemed to change from one person to another person.

    Thistle Every time I see him, he will see his red eyes more beautiful, but also more and more quiet. Thistle suddenly found that irascible king with pull-resistant tree and Wabei sea elf king of temperament.

    By the time that the precipitation down wisdom and acumen to see through everything, and with the eyes of God and merciful God, although he is a symbol of death and plague, but this does not affect his temperament.

    He quietly sat on the throne in the palace, as if that part of the palace. Here only the quiet voice of the burning torches, but the palace is too big, too empty, and even torches voice is lost in the general silence of death.
    "Looking at battlefield is it ?" The thistle asked softly, a long time they did not quarrel, and they look like relatives as friendly, but the relationship to make this level of thistle feel sick, he would rather that he was quick to kill temper king.
    "No," answered softly pray, red eyes and did not leave that mirror, he lazily sitting on the throne, in turn point the finger of his right hand armrest, it seems like a laid-back, "I see the wizard Fine and Wang came to the dark forest. "
    "What ? What enchantment there is no trace of loose ......" thistle incredible point of view in the mirror, and then silence. Mirrors do not lie, it is clear patch of irradiated spooky forest of two figures, they walk in a small way, it is the edge of the forest.
    "Enchantment string is good, he can easily pass through any enchantment, not people found that" pray laugh like a child ready to play the game, "thistle, Fine came, he looks mood may it is good.

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    12 août 2016, par que8s04hiy

    Xiao Zhao told you to get off the road to buy some breakfast, do not empty the stomach. Otherwise you go, I called Zhou Tong came back to send you ? "

    Shao Jiang Silicon hastily shook his head : "Do not have to, I let the students to talk like Zhao bought a father, I go first, cool in the morning, you do not spend an extra out, careful provoke the cold.."

    Then he turned and hurried away. Nguyen Toyama at his son’s back, eyes showing the infinite love, satisfied sigh : "His son also comparable pro-pro, so concerned about me."

    Zhou Tong secretly rolled his eyes, I thought, it can not pro, your ancestors when he was yet available.

    Shao Jiang silicon jumped car, frantically asked :. "How, what message"

    Zhao started the car and whispered response : "Tang did bring people to, but I heard that there is some thing on the road, the team headed by Jiang died a lot of people, not asking out specific situation south of the mouth. now heavily guarded, anytime access. "

    Shao Jiang Silicon heard a word "death", cool to the feet from the ground, angrily shouted : "That said ass ah go south !!"

    A walk around the main road south of the patrol, to see the people close to driving, Zhao spent some money and asked the question, Shao Jiang silicon restless in the car and kept looking out the window toward the car, Xiao Zhao ran from a distance back in the window overlooking report : "Wu Ye, while there are teams into the city, but I heard that Li Chongmu soldiers."

    Shao Jiang silicon face lift :. "Who is Li Chongmu"

    Xiao Zhao looked back, and turned round : "A head of Huwan seven."

    Shao Jiang Silicon no time to care about this number two, he wanted to know exactly how to :. "TANG five it, not that he did go to it."

    Xiao Zhao shook his head : "Yesterday, the changing of the guard of soldiers, not seen, but I said last night he did see TANG five with three hundred people out of town.."

    Shao Jiang Silicon paralysis in the seat, and stammered to himself : "The dead .. many people died ... Is it too late ..."

    Then he pushed open the door to get off, in front of the heavily guarded, less than Natural crowded to the front, he looked around a week, found a restaurant, Xiao Zhao immediately took on the restaurant, the boss is a look at five Ruan son, Wan did not dare to blame other sleep disturbance, even bowing to wait on the contrary, as required to arrange a top-level window seat.

    Early in the morning did not dare to send wine restaurant owner, had to honor a pot of tea, plates of sweet snacks. Shao Jiang silicon not in the mood to eat and drink and enjoy the Xiao Zhao. He stood at the window staring, that this life had made no such torment.

    Brightening day long, even the cool morning sun have faded and become warm. Can still downstairs or batch soldiers, does not see any team to come back. Shao Jiang silicon surface, such as ashes, he began to cranky, people are not all dead on the outside of it, he has not been to see him one last time.

    Xiao Zhao satiate, looked up and saw the master sculpture generally motionless, he just got up and said to be better than their own and then went downstairs to inquire about the military, if not yet export, saw Shao Jiang Silicon suddenly had happened, his hands and snapped beat and seize on the window bar, upper body leaning forward, seems to be off the same.

    Xiao Zhao was shocked, thinking Shao Jiang silicon which is to jump, he would go to pull the front hand, Jiang Shao silicon turned around a reel, Zhao completely silly, where he saw five, crying.

    Shao Jiang silicon face eyeful of tears, shaking shoulders, fingers clenched Zhao sleeves, almost fell to his knees : "He ... he came back ..."

    Xiao Zhao go past God, Tantou Wang outside and saw that the river at the head of Tang’s arm go limp in the team.

    Shao Jiang silicon and lifted the front window bar, the man long gone, increasingly lean, a black and red body, already can not tell the color of the clothes, he thought, you looked at me that way, I’m looking at you Yeah, you look up ah ! But that man and nearly five TANG endure, anxious arms around the front row, and he was eagerly looking aloft, begging alms at each other even if one of suffering and longing.

    Until the team gone, disappeared, he finally piercing cry aloud : "Brother !"

    Jiang Shao years into the city finally got to sit, he grow breath against the seat, his arms still holding more than a given dead head north, it has long been the head of a black regiment, looks very sick.

    He patted sinking head, sighed and said : "playing for so long, did you get such a thing, but also considered the value.

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    12 août 2016, par npt0q25xul

    Secretary Jie shocked and said : "ah ...... I heard students say that the news report was drinking and driving, how is he ......"
    SECRETARY Ming suddenly said : "Jet, I believe you see on TV news, may be fake ?"
    Secretary Jay spit tongue : "Should not it news of the accident scene, not all reporters went to the site to report it ??"

    SECRETARY Ming did not answer, but smiled and said :. "TV actually use to set up this board, but really make life difficult for him, his thousands of operators 000 operator, but the operator drain thing fly in the ointment, but gave himself away to . I check the clues he offered to come up with either a red sports bike, I almost forgot this critical "Secretary Ming sighed softly :".. his greatest strength is his greatest shortcoming can be smart too, but this is too smart ...... Ye Jinghui, is really a wonderful person. "

    That night, Ye Jinghui had a dream. He dreamed that he was still far away in New York, the house big yard.
    It was spring, sunny afternoon, he was wearing a white tracksuit, holding a shovel, dig a fuss in the pool three pits, planted saplings finally bought.
    Ye Jingwen joke standing next to him : "You do kind of willow, for your son will have information writing ?"
    Ye Jinghui pretending to be serious, said : "You heartless guy, my brother could not bear to you, you do not plant trees to commemorate okay ?"
    Ye Jingwen frown : "I can not imagine my image with this willow What is the connection ?"
    Ye Jinghui bad smiles : "You’re just like a willow ’by the’ ah."
    Then age is still small Ye Jingwen do not know what is meant by the white at him and said :. "Eat on the fat."
    Ye Jinghui in that laugh, smile of breath.
    Later Ye Jingwen seems to find himself playing brother, no longer care for him, went back into the house to pack up, the afternoon went to the airport. A few days later, Ye Jingxi brother also went to another city school, went away back still cold and alienated, he did not even say goodbye. Then again, Tianyu cooperation with the East into a big project, Mom and Dad are gone, the two of them go together, even the backs did not have time to see.
    Ye Jinghui do not remember how old their own time, just know that when standing at the window with outstretched hand, extends just to the top of the window.
    Later, her mother came back, she asked Ye Jinghui, a person will not be lonely.
    Ye Jinghui said, no.
    Mom said, you’re a dead duck fooling ah.

    Perhaps the reason the dream laughing too excessive, Ye Jinghui woke up still feel throbbing abdomen, took a breath, but the pillow phone vibrate incessantly.
    Readily scooped actually alarm clock memo that says, Jingwen birthday.
    Open bedside lamp, wall clock pointing skeleton 12:00, Today is March 28.
    Ye Jinghui sat up, annoyance stroked his hair, picked up a pass text messages in the past.

    "Happy Birthday little brother."
    Ye Jingwen reply quickly.
    "You really are stubborn, each blessing should be zero pinch, pinch the lead for so many years I have waited for you every time the birthday SMS was frightened."
    Ye Jinghui laughed : "This is not my intention pinch zero, just nightmares just to be awakened."
    "You actually nightmares ?"
    "I am also a normal human right, of course, will have nightmares."
    "Oh, I thought you only do in spring - Dream"
    "Children should not talk nonsense." Ye Jinghui smiled and changed the subject : "King Wen, do you think, is it possible to get along with only two or three days to fall in love with a man ?"
    "Twenty-three days is certainly possible, love also pay attention to efficiency. You fall in love with someone else, or somebody love you ?"
    "Barely considered that behind."
    "I look at silence as the man who is absolutely impulse eye paste the yarn, and rest assured, before long he will regret it."
    "You speak very spanking."
    "I would re-spanking, nor who you are spanking."
    "To tell you the mood to chat will become increasingly poor."
    "me too."
    "Then we do not talk ah."
    "Ah, go to bed early."

    Ye Jinghui raised his lips, turn off the phone.
    But because awakened’s sake, no longer sleep.

    Mother dreams eyes soft, say what you will not be lonely, excited the Ye Jinghui one staring.

    In fact, she was wrong.

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    12 août 2016, par que8s04hiy

    $ 500,000 but added a small amount, but in case of Figo to join our club really how to do ? He liquidated damages of up to $ 56 million, but ah ? You just sloppy promised to Figo when willing the money, though you are the boss, but I still want to remind you, and now we though a bit of money, but this amount, I think your decision too hasty ! $ 56 million can do a lot of things ! "

    Figo Kenyon know in advance that it is not more ruthless in the international Milan also has more than 2 years, the introduction of the players Kenyon consistently not intervene. He would at the end of each season, according to the financial situation of the club need to maintain healthy development, to do a detailed budget. Best situation which will give the team this year is the number of total wages, can withstand the upper limit is how much the transfer fee this year’s total budget, the amount does not exceed the optimum number. Specifically, how the use of budgetary funds are generally Musco, Facchetti and Wenger these three people to decide and distribution. Do not destroy your own budget to develop Kenyon never intervene, and that two years down Musco, who has never had destroyed its own budget.

    Today, suddenly I heard Musco actually going to come up with $ 56 million to buy Figo, Kenyon little upset. This is not to spend money you ? Let me also how the work carried out ? If 56 million is to buy Ronaldo this world NO1 player that barely able to accept, at least in the overall image of the follow-up to commercial development and the club should be able to recover the cost of this $ 50 million. But using such a player in Figo who, Kai Nisi bit can not accept.

    To come up with $ 56 million purchase Figo. Should be honest and Musco Facchetti on a front feel a little high, but take into consideration the Musco face Facchetti just politely said : "Musco, I do not have time to see the over 5600 $ 10 000, Barcelona Figo will agree to sell, as long as we get bent Figo made him leave Barcelona on the line ! a horse is not sweet and the reason I think Barcelona should also be clear ! "

    Musco looked out the window downtown Milan night, replied with a smile : "I know your heart is certainly not satisfied with my decision, but I still think I am not mistaken Figo penalty of $ 56 million as Figo. now take the same annual salary of $ 2.5 million, although it looks like a lot, but even after three years this figure may look not too much if you’re 2 years. "

    Musco If you thought you knew the future of this level of players like Luis Figo to the club set amount of liquidated damages generally reached 100 million $ 200 million this level. I’m afraid it will be even more surprised ! Figo due to the time of the contract signed earlier so when Barcelona set up a $ 56 million level, it is estimated that full foolproof, where they want to introduce Figo to Real Madrid in 2000, when $ 56 million was not counted as a can not understand the figures, this level of players like Figo normal transfer this amount to $ 56 million reached this level. (PS : I think we do not put the penalty and the transfer fee to equate the concept in general liquidated damages is to prevent players to bypass the private club and the other provided by touch, so this amount is generally set to an astronomical figure. late even 3,4 one hundred million US dollars this level have emerged, but in normal transfer, transfer to outlaw transit dues will not be equal to the amount of liquidated damages set, while Figo time, the actual amount of 50 million already limits would not achieve the role of a specific body to Figo. Barcelona was set up a $ 56 million level, in fact, for the time Figo is already astronomical, and they can not think of 2000 when this astronomical figure has not astronomical, and Figo normal transfer fee actually close to this figure, so long as I get Figo, Figo Barcelona has been unable to stop the transfer, because it is not I pay you the penalty headquarters it ! not that $ 56 million you !)

    "But Figo value of this figure it ?" Kenyon disagree Road.

    "I believe he will grow rapidly in the coming 2 years, I do not want you to know that in this year the introduction of Figo, today I just do a move to Inter Milan at the future. The future will come in handy ! You You do not believe me ? "

    Things come to an end after the new stadium, Inter Milan team began a comprehensive way to prepare for the new season. The new season will be opened on August 31, from the present day only a half months, and arrange a good schedule of preparing for this year’s team will be very busy.

    July 20, Inter Milan will be the first to arrive in Asia, the first leg of Asian tour in Shanghai China, China’s most popular Shanghai Shenhua team will get the opportunity to challenge Inter Milan.

  • Du quotidien des favelas, spectacle Magie Noire
    26 novembre 2011, par Paola

    Bonjour, je souhaite féliciter cette initiative qui permet au plus jeunes de montrer leurs talents, les artistes brésilien ont sont doués notemment ceux ici des quartiers défavorisés Paola de la compagnie sonterra groupe brésilien